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KIES Sourcing and Logistics Services is a China Based Office for Sourcing and Logistic Solutions. We have offices in Nepal and China and a wide network of Chinese factories and manufacturers.

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Payment can be made in two installments. You can pay 30% in advance and the remaining 70% after the order is complete.

We accept payments in RMB, NRS, USD, and EUR

With years of experience in sourcing, we can source any products as per our customer's requirements. Even if you want to make your own products, we can talk to factories in China and produce them for you.

Yes. We can surely do that for you. After your product has been packaged, we will arrange the load, clear customs, and then export it as per your selected shipment method.

The Minimum order quantity is mainly decided by the manufacturing company itself. If you order according to their MOQ, we can definitely export your product to your desired location.

For Nepal, we have Land (FCL/LCL), and Air Cargo. And for other countries, we have sea shipping as well that includes EXW, FOB and CIF.

We are in contact with most of the manufacturing companies in China. Hence, once you place your order, we reach out to the most eligible one based on your requirements. However, if your order quantity does not match up with the manufacturing company's MOQ, we search for the wholesaler instead who can fulfill your order. Once everything is discussed with the wholesaler/manufacturing company, we send you the quotation for the product.

Yes, we can surely do that for you. We have some manufacturing companies that solely work on prototyping and mass production of your dream product.

Other than shipping your products to your desired location, we help businesses to find suppliers, negotiate for the right price, send a quote based on your requirements, keep our eyes on production, packaging, and perform quality inspection. After completing everything, we arrange shipping as per our customer's requests.

We have years of experience in managing various types of products Our sourcing process is completely transparent. We can help you get in contact with quality suppliers in China at an affordable price. We have a team with profound knowledge of the work culture and language of China, India, Nepal, English, and many more. We have a large network of trusted suppliers. We work with Genuine and prequalified suppliers only. Can negotiate with suppliers and work to control costs. We offer on-site regular inspection during production for quality assurance. You can trust us for new products development or improvements of current products We have the best logistic and transport facilities to deliver your products to your doorsteps.

Give us a call, connect with us on what's app or our social medias or simply send us your quote request. We will respond to you as soon as possible to handle your query and get a project started.

We can source almost any product or service from commodity to customised products ranging from textile, medical, home appliances, techonology, agriculture, sports, apparels etc. sectors.

You can easily find your product on Ali Express or any other multi national vendor but you are not guaranteed of quality you desire. The prices of delivery are very high and you are in the dark about everything. With KIES sourcing we will be your representative team in China. From visiting the factory to controlling qualtiy to delivery your product to your doorstep we do it all while keeping your desires on our every step of work. With KIES Sourcing you will be getting a product you desire rather than product a website showed you. You will get insights on your whole product manufacturing process.

We work with small to multi-national companies that are looking to gain profit from huge and cost effective Chinese production. We help you not only get your product to you but also help you start your own business while we produce your product in China.

To be honest the process of sourcing is extensive. We need to find supplier, verify tons of things while manufacture with keeping quality control in mind. It will take from weeks to months depending upon your requirements. But keep in mind that best things always takes time.

We never take middle man comissions. We are your procurement agency in China working on your behalf. All prices are transparant. We only take our fees with you. No comission and no corruption.

Go to this link and you will find our Sourcing and Logistics Process details.