About Us

KIES Sourcing and Logistics Services is a China Based Office for Sourcing and Logistic Solutions. We have offices in Nepal and China and a wide network of Chinese factories and manufacturers.

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With experienced manpower in business, we help you take advantage of thousands of manufacturing plants all across China by finding best factories, controlling quality, inspecting thoroughly and timely delivery of your products to your doorsteps in a cost affordable manner without you visiting China or the factories, eliminating huge R&D and office setup costs.

Sourcing & Quality Assurance

Our Sourcing and Quality Assurance involves following steps.

  • Product Specification
  • Supplier Survey & Shortlist
  • Supplier Verification
  • Sample Test & Negotiation
  • Intial Quality Inspection
  • Production Inspection
  • Packaging Inspection & Consolidation


We provide following logistics solutions during import and export:

  • Air, Train, Road or Sea Freight
  • Third Party Logistics
  • Domestic Logistics


We provide an E-commerce Platform Ready to use at your fingertips.

  • Single Pcs Ordering
  • Bulk Ordering
  • Manufacture with Change in Details
  • Whitelabeling