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KIES Sourcing and Logistics Services is a China Based Office for Sourcing and Logistic Solutions. We have offices in Nepal and China and a wide network of Chinese factories and manufacturers.

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The first step to any sourcing project is to identify the kind of product one would like to output. This includes type of product, it's functionality, it's attributes, price range and specifications.

When we have what we want on mind, we need to find suppliers that are best suited to design and build the product that we need. With thousands of suppliers that can successfully complete the project we need to find one who is suitable to us.

Shortlisting an exact supplier is a difficult task. Various factors needs to be taken into account while verifying the truth to those factors in this step like Factory's History, Supplier's Output Quality, Price being the main factor, legality of the supplier's business, past work history, area of business, business operation standards etc. KIES as a China based office will analyze all these factors and report to our customer in a detailed Softcopy Report.

Once we shortlist a supplier we can request a sample (depends upon product) for our preliminary testing and observation. This can be done with two or three different suppliers too. This step is crucial as we havenot yet paid to our supplier and can still change our supplier or make changes to design based upon our requirement. This saves huge amount of investment incase the sample is not what we desired. Durability test and Lab Tests are also a major test that is done in this step with results reported to our customer in a detailed Softcopy Report .

Now the time comes to finalize the quantity, quality and specification of the product we need as an output. While you finalise those detail to us we negotiate prices and other details with the supplier as your China Based Office. We negotiate on your behalf but thinking of your business as our business.

Right before the product starts manufacturing KIES will do their Pre-Production Test. This is when all the raw materials and manpower are ready to get on with the manufacturing. We will thoroughly go on through everything for the final time so the supplier uses right material for your product.

This quality control step is done during production phase. KIES will look into whether your product is being manufactured based upon set standards. If we find any descrepencies we will halt the process and necessary steps shall be taken.Reports here are presented to our clients on Soft Copy Report.

Once your product is ready we will inspect it to know whether the quantity is as desired. We will inspect the packaging process and make sure that it is done as per set standards. Some testing will be done to packaging as well to ensure it will withstand rigorous handling just in case. The products will then be stored in our safe warehouse until you order it to be shipped to your country.


A supplier Inspection can include following procedures depending upon our client's requirements :

Legal Entity Verification such as Supplier's License Inspection, Tax Details, Export License Verification etc.
Manufacturing Process Verification such as Production Line Inspection, Manpower Inspection, Machinery Check, Quality Standard Verification (ISO, CE etc),
Work History Verification such as Company Profile, Past Work Details, Previous Clients, Experiences with flexible manufacturing schedules etc.
Location and Factory Proof Verification with Photos and Videos

A Product Quality Inspection can include following procedures depending upon our client's requirements :

KIES Sourcing inspects whether the chosen supplier can handle manufacturing based upon our requirement scale, whether they have enough human resources and can deliver on time.
KIES Sourcing will verify whether the human resources are capable to handle our requirement.
We will inspect their overall product process for durability, scalibility and flexibility. Some areas of inspection includes packaging, labelling, storing etc. or any other specfic requirements that your country might need during manufacturing.
Lab tests for products are also done with KIES trusted laboratory in Shanghai based upon your requirement.
All reports from above will be provided to our clients on soft copy. Some legallly important lab works hard copy shall be couriered.